Curtains and The Godfather chopped of horse head hot water bottle cosy.

October 10th, 2012

This week I have been busy playing with the borrowed sewing machine and I made up some black curtains to turn the bathroom into a dark room. Unfortunately it turned out one layer of the black fabric I bought wasn’t enough and in direct afternoon sunlight there was a definite red glow coming through it. So I bought more fabric today and redid the curtain double thickness.

20121010_183254 Darkroom curtains.

A wooden dowel slides through the top and hooks over two 3M sticky hooks. I sewed Velcro tabs to the sides and bottom so I can firmly attach the curtain to the bathroom wall. The walls are white so I used white Vercro on them and black Velcro on the curtain itself. The curtain can be easily put up then taken down to be stored.  I did the same for covering the door but a single layer is fine there as it only has to block light leaking through the cracks around the sides, not direct sunlight.

I did a test where I waited 5 minutes in total darkness and I still couldn’t see my hand right in front of my face. Am quite interested to see if having a bath in total darkness is like being in some kind of isolation tank but that’s an experiment for another day.

I also today bought some better trays for developing prints in. At the Warehouse I found these plastic containers that actually came with clip on lids. They were cheap, only $6 each and they have ribbed bottoms rather than simply flat. Internal dimension are about 8 inches by 12 inches. I was able to get three different colours too.

IMG_0577_1 Developing trays.

I bought off TradeMe some Tupperware mini plastic tongs for $2 each which will be very handy. Also from TradeMe I bought a cheap second hand book, The Darkroom Handbook by Michael Langford, which should tell me what I need to know to get started.

After finishing the curtains I did another project I have been wanting to do for absolutely ages. It’s my tribute to the Godfather films – The Godfather chopped off horse head hot water bottle cosy. This is of course from the scene where Mr Woltz wakes up to find his favourite horses severed head in the bed with him.

Now this is only the second thing I have sewn so it’s a bit rough but it works well and is actually usable! I used some fleecy type material (no idea what it’s called) and some felt. I just printed a paper pattern, cut around it leaving enough extra for a seam the sewed it furry side out then turned it inside out. Was a bit hard to sew as it didn’t feed well but it worked in the end.

IMG_0579_1 Horses head hot water bottle cosy.

None of my female friends would help me with it since they said it was icky (*) so I had to wait till I was able to do it myself.

IMG_0552_1 IMG_0565_1 IMG_0582_1

* Actual quote!

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