A model railway dining table – Part 2.

June 25th, 2014

The table is no long useable as a table mainly due to Joss coming around and smashing it up! He did have some frustrations cause by an A7 saloon to work out so that was ok. We needed to take the table apart so I can repair it then reassemble it. It came apart easily. A few hard knocks got it apart.

IMG_2040_1 IMG_2042_1 IMG_2043_1

It was held together with glue, a few nails and these metal potato chip shaped staple things. I tried to knock the first out and chipped off some wood so for the rest I would hold the metal bit in the vice then give the leg a stout whack sideways to remove the staple.

The table has been remade before it seems. You can see where it’s been doweled several times already. The wood was pretty battered up. A couple of large chunks broke off as well. So, following what it says in the Joyce woodworking book Joss lent me I have been drilling out and gluing in new dowels to repair the wood.

I went for a walk yesterday and invested in a new set of chisels (I have badly misused my old ones for scraping things and cutting stuff I shouldn’t). I also bought a 20mm spade bit and some wooden dowel. When I got home I set about drilling and chopping out the bad bits and gluing in new bits. I drilled out the old dowels (which had been drilled and re-dowelled before) and went to insert the new ones then I realised the dowel I had was 22mm. I checked every broom and mop and rake I have in case a handle was the right diameter to use but they too are all 22mm. So today I went and got a piece of dowel the correct size.

Short lengths of this were sanded on the disc sander to be a nice, tight fit as they were a little large and I didn’t want to force them home in case the split the timer of the legs. I tapped them home with a wooden mallet with lots of PVA glue. Last night I’d chiseled out some of the rough bits and cut and glued in new wood cut from the old table ends. The glue was dry today so I started planing some of that smooth. Tomorrow when the dowel glue is dry I will trim the ends down flush and plane and sand everything flat.

IMG_2073_1 IMG_2074_1 IMG_2072_1

At some point we’ll take the split top down the road so we can chop it up into the new sides and ends on the bench saw. I better get reading the book to get to the actual furniture making parts!

I also need to go to Jaycar to get the parts I need to finish the controller. I made the circuit ages ago. So long ago I can’t remember where I got it from! It’s just a simple PWM controller. Nothing fancy but it definitely works well and the train runs reliably at very low speeds. I will make the main unit in a box that will be attached to the base of the table. There will be a hand controller on a wire to control the train speed and direction. All made to look old of course.



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  1. 2ndtimearoundcomputers Says:

    Great way to recycle an old table! I recycle computers, but same satisfaction when you give something old new life 🙂