A model railway dining table – Part 9.

August 14th, 2014

Tonight after work I went to New Lynn to get a new router bit. I got the widest I could, 25mm. I came home and gave it a try and it worked great! I used 4mm ply as my spacer this time which was just enough to remove the bevel on the boards. I cut from each end leaving an island in the middle. Then I tacked another piece of 4mm ply on the side I had already cut so I could run the router over it still keeping the 4mm gap.


It didn’t take too long, I did all four boards, both sides, in about 70 minutes. And they came out great. I don’t think they’ll need much planing. in fact I might be able to get away with sanding them smooth.


That’s how they look after routing. The best thing is this was easy, the boards are now a nicer thickness and I didn’t have to scrape off all the old varnish! The downside was it made a massive pile of shavings and everything in my garage is now covered in orange dust.

IMG_2479_1 IMG_2480_1 IMG_2481_1

It was so bad that after sweeping up I took off my face mask and literally started choking. I had to quickly open the garage door and get some air in.

Tomorrow I need to plane the top and put a small bevel on the edges so they don’t split. Then I can look at gluing it all together. I need to glue on the half rounds under the sides which will fit into slots in the table to stop the top sliding about. I can use my new router bit to cut those slots. All I need then is to final sand it all and figure out how to finish it. Then I can get the glass! The glass will need padding under it. I am thinking I could perhaps use cork tile cut into strips perhaps.


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