Railway table access panel.

February 15th, 2015

Since I am soon starting a new job and will be working from home I really want to get the glass for my railway table so I have somewhere to set up my laptop to work on. Before I can get the glass I needed to make the access panel in the bottom of the table. This is so I can access the underside of the layout in case the train gets stuck or derailed inside the tunnel.

The other week I cut out the hole. This weekend I made the sliding panel. I set up a temporary router  table and cut a groove in some strips of pine. These would go on the base of the table to allow a piece of thin ply to slide to open and close the hole.

IMG_3135_1 IMG_3137_1 IMG_3142_1

I made the edge rails longer than needed so they can help stiffen the table bottom. A simple cut out in one end piece allows you to slide the panel with a fingertip. I didn’t really need that, you can slide it easily with the flat of your hand.

IMG_3145_1 IMG_3146_1

I gave it a quick coat of oil and then screwed the base back on this time using proper cup washers I got cheap in a second hand shop. I still really need slotted screws though but I can replace the screws when I find some easily enough.

IMG_3149_1 IMG_3148_1

With the layout back in you can see how the hatch give access to the underside of the layout though the holes in that.


So next, get the glass!

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