Printing update.

September 15th, 2016

A quick update on my printing efforts the other night. It fell over!

Well, not the print itself. This is what I got up to the point it went wrong.

IMG_0383 IMG_0384

It’s upside down in that first picture. The second one gives a good view of the infill, the pattern inside the printed object so it is not totally solid.

The reason ti fell over was simple. My laptops power settings kicked in and it went to sleep! I am sure I had fixed that. So far my biggest issues 3D printing have been caused by the computer side of things. I forgot to mention I spent hours in the weekend not able to upload new firmware to the printer. It keys getting write errors. The simple blink program would upload fine, but not the 3D printer code.

In the end my friend Mike had the answer, try a different USB cable. That was it. A new cable fixed it.

I redid the print the other night. It took 7 hours! This is how it came out.

IMG_0389 IMG_0390

IMG_0391 IMG_0392

This is the Pink Panther Woman off Thingiverse. I wanted to print something other than a boat and try a longer, and bigger, print.


It is 150mm high so took up 3/4 of the build height I have available. I print at 50% feedrate so my prints take about twice as long as ‘normal’ printers.

I started experimenting with that. I printed another 3D Benchy boat at 70% speed to compare to my best print at 50%.


This is the 50% print on the left and the 70% on the right. You can see how the faster print isn’t quite as good.

IMG_0387 IMG_0388

I still need to play with the speed and acceleration values in the firmware itself. Currently I have them set to 1000 acceleration for X and Y and 100 for Z. Speed (feedrate) is set to 200 for X, Y and Z and Jerk is set to 20. I think my issue is going to be acceleration, there is just a bunch of weight to be getting up to speed (and stopping).

I started putting together a Linux box as a dedicated printing machine. I am running Xubuntu on it on the advice of Dave. I still need to sort out wiring on the machine and a balancing load for the 5 volt rail. I can see if we have any old, high powered resistors in the junk at work.

I also want to start 3D modelling my own designs. I did start with DesignSpark a while back so need to get back into that. I was trying to model up my TARDIS!

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