More Enigma progress.

June 11th, 2017

Sorry it’s a very badly composed film. It’s a bit tricky getting the angle right! Am slowly making progress on the machine. It’s a slow process because I need to design, print, test then often redesign and re-print the parts. But I am getting there.

I need to thank Paul Zetzmann who is undertaking his own truly amazing Enigma replica build. It makes mine look like a toy in comparison. His site is here:

Paul, like James Grime, was kind enough to explain some details about the machine as well as make a small video for me explaining some of the details. I must also thank him for pointing out my embarrassing mistake of gluing the letters onto the rotor rings in the reverse order (fixed now)!

I also just discovered this site:

They have a replica three rotor Enigma that looks amazing although it isn’t a 100% replica as it doesn’t fully function. It is built to replicate the look and feel of the machine and show some of the machine functions. It has some limitations (they describe it on the site here) as well as a modern computer inside to to do the encryption/decryption. Unfortunately their site doesn’t show the innards of the machine so I can’t see exactly how it works. It looks as though only the fast rotor moves and that you can only encrypt/decrypt 20 characters. I wonder what they are using as the computer? Some sort of Arduino or a Raspberry Pi I imagine? The machine definitely looks the part though!

Am currently somewhat pre-occupied with trying to find a new job. Unfortunately I am not earning enough at the workshop to break even and when there is no work on that problem is of course compounded. Unfortunately other animatronics jobs aren’t exactly easy to come by! So I am busy trying to get back to my old career of software testing/test automation. The good thing will be when I do find something new it should mean more money and more time. No more 10 hours standard work days – more time for projects!

One Response to “More Enigma progress.”

  1. Chris Geib Says:

    Great job you are doing! I was wondering if the STL files you used for the rotors are anywhere to be found.I would like to 3D print a few for a builders night in the future. You see, I have an electronic Enigma and the centerpiece will be more the effort on the box rather than the simulator itself. However, as with most simulators, you don’t see the wheels. Hence why I’d like to 3D print some fairly accurate examples. These, along with accurate simulations of codebooks, manuals, and pictures in the background will tell a visual story of the Enigma machine. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    Chris Geib