3D printed Enigma October update.

October 2nd, 2017

Just a quick update. I made another blurry film.

I have made progress on the keyboard and have that mechanism all worked out now. I am not sure I am 100% happy with it so it might get redesigned and reprinted! The mechanism of it is fine. Just minor changes to make it easier to assemble. In fact after making that film I already changed the little springs to something different.

I also created and printed onto clear plastic sheet the fonts for the keys and the lamp board.

I have also decided my machine will be based on the Polish Enigma Double rather than the German Enigma just because German Enigmas have been done before (in fact you can buy incredibly accurate replicas here already: http://enigmamuseum.com/replica/) and I don’t believe the Poles get enough recognition for what they achieved.

I’ve posted links to it before and there is a ton of information online about it if you search.

3 Responses to “3D printed Enigma October update.”

  1. Gary Walters Says:

    Hello 3d Printer Man!
    Sorry, I don’t know your name.

    I’ve been following along, with your 3d print, and have decided to try and print my own Enigma machine. I have the 2d mechanical drawings, from the German website, that you listed on one of your youtube videos.

    I’ve been converting those drawings into 3d models using Fusion 360 CAD app. I still have a few parts to convert. I pretty have the rotor parts designed.

    What are you going to use for all your electrical contacts that fit in the rotors? I was thinking about trying to turn, on a metal lathe, all those parts using aluminum or find somebody or company that can do it for me at a reasonable cost.

    I noticed your rotors are of a different design from the German 2d drawings. My 3d rotor parts are just like the German design in those drawings.

    I’d be glad to show you pics of my designs so far if you’re interested.
    Keep up the great work! I really like your innovative solution for your keys. I might do something like that.


  2. Gary Walters Says:

    Sorry, I left out the word “much” in the last line of my second paragraph.
    It should have read:

    “I have all the rotor parts designed and 3d printed.”

    Thanks again,

  3. Simon Says:

    Hi Gary. The electrical contacts are going to be machined bronze for the flat pads (from welding rod) and I am using what are called Pogo pins for the spring contacts. They are a bit smaller than the original spring contacts so I am not sure how robust they will be. But as my Enigma won’t need to work in the back of a half-track bouncing across the desert we should be fine!

    Definitely interested in pics. I will email you.