3D printed Polish Enigma November 12th update.

November 12th, 2017

I made another small film.

Am slowly getting towards the end. The lamp board is done. I printed a sloping piece that bolts to the front of the lapboard. This is necessary to lift the lamp board up above the top of the keyboard.  On the back of the lamp board are two small tabs which the top cover will sit down on when it is designed and made. I also finally have proper return springs on the compensator bar as well by making small footings that the lamp board sits on. These footings lift up the lamp board a little to provide the step mentioned above as well as also providing the upper spring mounting point.

IMG_0968_1 IMG_0966_1

I made all the key top and now have the aluminium rod I need to make the key shafts.

IMG_0974 IMG_0971_1

I also tweaked the diameter of the little circlip like parts. The diameter of these was quite close to the diameter of the hole they fit into under the top of the keyboard. This mean that sometimes they would rub on the edge of the hole and make the motion of the key press a little sticky just as the key started to move. Reducing the diameter fixed this.

IMG_0975_1 IMG_0976_1

I also ordered connectors and wire. The connectors are DA-26s from RS. I got cheap ones since they won’t be continually connected and disconnected. They are ASSMANN brand!


My plan is to wire the different parts of the machine separately to make wiring, testing and assembly easier. There will be four main parts, the keyboard, the lamp board, the plug board and the entry wheel. These connectors will join each part. I also plan to make a small test box with LEDs on it. I will use that as a continuity tester to check the wiring of each part. I am going to use 30 AWG silicone covered wire for all the looms. Very thin but as only one lamp at a time is lit the current is very low.

I am currently printing a bracket that supports the two spare rotors as used in the Polish double. And I still need to design and print the plugboard as well as the top cover.

4 Responses to “3D printed Polish Enigma November 12th update.”

  1. David Moore Says:

    Almost done!

    Looking forward to seeing the lamps light up 🙂

  2. Simon Says:

    You have no idea how much tricky wiring is going to be involved. And remember my ongoing problems with ‘off by one errors’ could make the whole exercise rather interesting!

  3. Don Barr Says:

    Can you use your Enigma Watch to test the thing when it’s done?
    Ps – Hi Dave!

  4. Simon Says:

    Absolutely! But if they don’t match, which one is wrong! There are actually quite a number of Enigma simulators about online and as phone apps so there are plenty of things to check with.

    Besides, if I post an actual cipher I create with it along with the settings I used and it is wrong I am sure the Internet hordes will let me know!

    My biggest worry is the wiring of it.