3D Printed Polish Enigma December 19th update.

December 19th, 2017

A quick update this time. And a new film. There has been a slowdown in progress. I am on holiday now, between jobs (start on the 10th Jan), so you think I would make more progress but several things have slowed me down.

  1. I have been working on other projects! Cars, other electronics and printing things, solving cryptograms, etc.
  2. Finding a new job (that’s complete!).
  3. My printer needed some fixing/tweaking.
  4. I ran out of black filament!
  5. I am redrawing all my 3D files in one new project and it’s taking some time.

The film explains a few of these. Below that are some pictures of the new oiler I have made.

One thing I forgot to mention about redoing my design as one Fusion 360 model using component is you can link components together to make the actually move. I haven’t played with it too much but it might be possible to actually animate the motion of the machine as keys are pressed. It is something I can look into once my model is complete.

The oiler is a piece of brass tube I machined on the lathe to have a 6mm thread at one end, to fit the feeder, and a 1/8th BSP thread on the other end to fit a hacked up quick fitting. The hacked 1/8th BSP quick fitting was cut up to just leave the brass body which I then tapped for 6mm so a metric fitting can screw into that. The 1/8 fitting makes a kind of cover for the brass tube.

Inside the brass goes a piece of foam such as that used in lawnmower air filters as it is meant to be soaked in oil.

I used a glass fuse and desoldered the metal caps from the ends. One end is plugged with a tiny piece of brass machined down to fit. That was glued in place with UV setting glue and then I used a piece of dual wall (glue lined) heatshrink over the outside to make sure it was all sealed up. A small piece of curved copper pipe joins that to the body of the oiler.

IMG_1047 IMG_1050 IMG_1051 IMG_1052

The whole thing screws to the top of the feeder. A few drops of oil can be put into the glass fuse body and they drip down into the brass body soaking the foam. Only a few drops are needed.


It works very well and avoids making the feeder gear and bearing all slippery.

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