3D printed Polish Enigma – January 2018 update.

January 23rd, 2018

A quick update. And another film as always.

That more or less sums up progress. These are the copper rivets I am using for the flat contacts. They are M2 by 8mm long. The heads are 4mm diameter. They were from AliExpress and a seller called Warm Textile Home.

IMG_20180123_194835 IMG_20180123_194825

The cable I am using is also from AliExpress and is actually¬† 30AWG silicone insulated wire. Very thin and flexible. There isn’t much current involved in lighting up one bulb (only one at a time lights) so that gauge will work fine.

My 3D model is still being worked on and as I have remodelled a lot of the parts the only way to know it is correct is to turn all the parts into STLs and then reprint them all. I am not sure how many individual parts there are. Around 250 I guess? Reprinting everything will not only tell me the model is correct but it will let me work out the total printing time and amount of filament needed.

Progress is slow as I started a new job and that is taking a lot of my time now. I am also working on my car projects and teaching myself to TIG weld! Too many things to do, not enough hours in the day!

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