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A three rotor Enigma machine wrist watch.

March 24th, 2015

This is one of the most satisfying projects I have done I think. Mainly because this is a real device and something so historically important. It is a fully functioning Enigma machine you can wear on your wrist. This is a three rotor Enigma machine as used by German Wermacht in WW2 for encoding messages. If you […]

Orwell joystick.

February 15th, 2015

As well as the railway table I also finished Orwell’s joystick. Actually I made several since the first one I muffed up a bit. The DA15s I ordered arrived a few days apart so during the week I wired up the Orwell end. I used the same pinout as a PC gameport. Well, the top half […]

Orwell IO daughter board.

February 8th, 2015

Recently I was in the UK for Christmas and New Years. One of the trips I did was to Bletchley Park which is where the codebreakers in WW2 cracked the Enigma code. Bletchley has a working version of Turing’s Bombe machine which is used to work out the possible settings for the Enigma decoder. Next […]

Review – Usborne Computer Spacegames.

May 11th, 2014

Right, finally another review. This time it’s the partner book to Computer Battlegames. But now we’re IN SPAAAACCCCE! Title: Computer Spacegames Subtitle: For ZX Spectrum, ZX81, BBC, TRS-80, Apple, VIC & PET. Authors: Daniel Isaaman and Jenny Tyler Editor: Pages: 48 Published: 1982 ISBN 10: 0860206831 ISBN 13: 978-0860206835 This book is similar to Computer Battlegames just […]

Orwell graphics.

April 20th, 2014

With Orwell updated and the new video working I started looking at adding graphics commands. I started with plot, easy enough, to draw a pixel at a given location on screen. Since it is hard to add new functions that take parameters in MS Basic I did it the way I have done previous commands […]

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