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Bomb Canada v1.1
Download (8k zip file)

Bomb Canada is a simple Palm game themed around the South Park movie. The object is to bomb all the buildings to allow the plane to land before it crashes into them.

Bomb Canada is freeware.

In development

Wings is an action game somewhat based on a game called 'Wings of Fury'. You pilot a small plane that is armed with a machine gun and either bombs, rockets or a torpedo. Your aim is to fly over tropical islands destroying the enemy forces who are encamped there in bunkers and machine gun posts. You must do this without crashing, being shot out of the sky or running out of fuel.

In development
The quick and the dead

The quick and the dead is a two player quickdraw game using the infrared port. When the clock strikes noon each player must tap on the draw button then tap on the image of their opponent to shoot them. Your shooting must be fast and accurate or else you will lose some of your health. The amount of health lost depends on where you are hit. The game will also include a single player practice mode. And when you're finished shooting why not head along to the Happy Slapper Saloon for a drink?

In development

Pileybot is a small, Palm controlled robot.

Dimensions: 170mm long by 110mm wide by 110mm high
Power: 4.8 volt battery consisting of four AA NiCad cells
Drive: Two tracks, each driven by a small DC motor
Motor control: One H-Bridge per motor driven by PWM signals
Controller: One PIC16F84 micro controlling H-bridges and serial comms
Comms: Serial 2400-Baud 8-Bit 0-Parity 1-Stop

Currently the robot is mechanically complete and can be driven around using a serial terminal emulator program on the Palm. It has two modes of operation, step mode and run mode. In step mode you send it a simple single digit command to indicate the direction to move. Either forwards, backwards, rotate left or rotate right. For each digit it will move a fixed amount. The step size is programmable from the Palm. In run mode sending a digit for the direction to move will make the robot move in that direction until it is told to stop or given aother direction to move.

I still need to write the code on the PIC to allow me to calibrate the motor speeds via software running on the Palm. Currently the motor speeds are hardcoded into the PIC. I also need to write software on the Palm to send the control digits to the robot. This software will have a simple on screen direction pad so you can tap on the direction you want the robot to move in real time. It will also have the capability to store sequences of commands so you can pre-program the robot to move along fixed paths.

I also want to try attaching a pen to the body that can be raised and lowered on command. I intend to write some code to convert Palm Memopad text into movements of the robot so that when it is placed on the floor over a big sheet of paper it will draw out the text!

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