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How to Produce a Slot Car Video

Finding the Right Camera & Car

I had seen small video cameras for sale locally but at a cost. A quick search on eBay turned up a lot of different small camera/transmitter/receiver options. (PICTURE A) I decided on this one. A small colour camera (without sound) with a built in transmitter and its matching receiver. I only paid $25.99US delivered to New Zealand from Hong Kong. You gotta love eBay!

PICTURE A (click to enlarge)

PICTURE B (click to enlarge)

The camera is powered by a 9 volt battery and the receiver outputs a composite video signal.

Next I needed a suitable vehicle. The two MG/Lolas that came with the set were unsuitable as was the Le Mans Ford GT40 I also bought (these sets are addictive and the models are great so it is hard not to buy them). The next car bought was a 1970 Ford Mustang. (PICTURE B) My idea was to put the tiny camera inside the car looking through the windscreen. Unfortunately there wasn't quite enough room to do this.

PICTURE C (click to enlarge)

PICTURE D (click to enlarge)

I kept the Mustang of course and went and bought a 1969 Camaro. (PICTURE C & PICTURE D)This has a slightly (2 - 3mm) higher windscreen giving me more room to play with. As it happens the car turned out to be just perfect for a slightly different camera placement. Had to lose the carrot top driver though.

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