Scalextric Le Mans 24 Slot Car Set

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How did the project begin?

The project began when I treated myself to a new toy. A Scalextric 1/32 Le Mans slot car set. I had been watching Steve McQueen's Le Mans DVD and being interested in all things to do with cars I went off to my PC to do a bit of Googling on it. During the course of this I came across links for the Scalextric set shown here. I decided it might be time to buy myself a set. After all I have been waiting for one since I was about 8!

Oh, and to all those who think it is childish for a grown man to be buying a toy like this all I have to say to you is NAAA, NAA, NAAA, NAAAA, NAAAAARRR!!!! :p

PICTURE A (click to enlarge)

PICTURE B (click to enlarge)

This is the track laid out in the lounge. (Picture A) I have added extra crash barriers here as well as some extra track just to make things a bit more interesting. My house is very tiny. The track here is taking up about half of my living room (temporarily).

After playing with this great new toy for a while I had an idea. What would happen if I taped my mobile phone to the top of a car and made a little movie using it's built in camera. I tried an experiment. With masking tape (I had run out of duct tape) I taped the camera to the car. (Picture B) It was rather top heavy but indeed it did work. I ended up with a nice little film on my camera. Encouraged by my lovely friend Becky (here making her Internet debut) I decided to try to put a tiny video camera into a car.

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